'There's nothing worse than looking at a pile of ironing! Am i right Smilers? I have found the solution - Luxe Ironing Water!! You will fly through the ironing like a Stepford Wife! It leave my bedding, clothes, curtains etc smelling amazing and it lasts and lasts!'

'Amazonia is such a fab fragrance! I knew as soon as I had sampled it, that I had to have it in my collection!! It is so strong and will leave you wanting more!! I have stocked up already just in case of a zombie apocalypse - the zombies are loving Amazonia of course!!'

Set off on a rainforest romp with sweet notes of melon, orange zest and coconut milk and sultry night blooming Jasmine.

Just add to your irons water reservoir and get ready for an amazonian adventure!


Amazonia Iron Water

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