Introducing our BRAND-NEW Luxe Pillow Mist!


We have spoken to lots of our customers who suffer from stress and anxiety and we wanted to create a product that would help them. These 100ml sprays are designed to calm and soothe the mind. They are made from a blend of essential oils that when combined have a powerful effect!


We have 5 Pillow Mist fragrances –

  • White – Lily of the valley. This fragrance is perfect for alleviating negative feelings and increase happiness.
  • Black - Sandalwood and Black Pepper. This is perfect for creating a feeling of relaxation and peace.
  • Purple – English Lavender & Deep-Sea Minerals. This blend promotes calm and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Pink – Plum Rose and Patchouli. This aroma has anti-depressant benefits and is used to calm and uplift.
  • Yellow – Bergamot & Lemon. This blend is designed to uplift and stimulate. It is a refreshing fragrance.


These can be sprayed onto pillows before going to bed to aid a better sleep. They can also be sprayed on clothing, scarves, cushions etc to help calm the mind as you go about your daily life.

As with all Luxe products these sprays pack a punch!

Luxe Pillow Mist

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