How can it get any better?? You can now fragrance your laundry with your favourite scent!! Our Washing Whiffs are so simple to use - add one scoop to the drum of your washing machine for a small to normal load or 2 scoops for a large load! Now available in 14 fragrances -

  •  Unstoppable
  •  Snow Queen
  •  Sweet Dreams
  •  Cotton Fresh
  •  Pinky Sands
  • Clean Sheets
  • Jasmine's Ruby
  • Love In The Carribean
  • Tropical White Flowers
  •  Mountain Air
  • Pom Pom
  • Newborn
  • Valley Of Green
  •  Fresh Sky Intense
  •  Mountain Air

These tubs of joy are strong and long lasting! Each tub contains 500g - Grab yours now!!

Luxe Washing Whiffs!!

  • Use the scoop provided to measure. Pour the measured scoop into the drum of your washing machine. DO NOT add to liquid or softener dispensers! DO NOT use in your tumble dryer. Read label before use. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

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