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Dory and I were talking about fragrances over a coffee - this is our norm!! She started to talk about perfumes we wore when we were young! (I'm not admitting to being old just yet!). CK One was our go to scent during our teenage years! We thought we were the bees knees!

As we got older we bought each other Chance - this fragrance brings back so many memories for me. Dory wore this on my wedding day and on the day my twins were born. Its funny how a fragrance can take you back in time to your fondest memories!

We then found Be Delicious! I am still wearing this perfume today - I love it! Its such a fruity, fun fragrance! Dory loves to spray it onto her scarves and jackets just in case she forgets to spray herself before she leaves the house!

These 3 fragrances are the story of us being sisters, best friends and making memories through our lives. We would love to share this with you guys and hope that you can make some memories with them too! 

Presented in gorgeous 100ml Amber glass bottles and bursting with fragrance! In true Dory style the fun doesnt stop there! These bottles come in an elegant white magnetic box with the Dory touch included! Decorated beautifully to make the perfect Christmas gift! One spray is more than enough to create a fab fragrance experience!


The Dory Collection Limited Edition Fabric Spray!!

  • Always conduct a patch test first.

    Keep away from children and animals.

    Store in a cool area.