Change the way you shower forever!

Don't have a bath? Fed up of seeing people show off their Bath Bombs? Well we have the most amazing product for you!

This 6 pack not only saves you £'s but also gives you the ultimate Luxe fragrance experience. Each scent will blow your mind! We have chosen these from our best seller list and they come complete packaged up with a pretty bow! Perfect to give as a special gift or just to be really Luxe and treat yourself!

You will receive -

** Savage

** Angel

** Unicorn Wishes

** Snow Fairy

** CC Mad

** Luv Spell

Create your own spa experience from the comfort of your very own shower! All you have to do is use one of our BRAND NEW Shower Steamers! Simply place away from the direct flow of water. As the Steamer dissolves the aroma is released, creating the illusion of a Spa day!

If, like me, you have to shower quickly, simply lift the Shower Steamer up off the tray onto a dry surface and it will last for 2 or 3 showers - more depending on how long you use it for!

These Steamers are, like every Luxe fragrance, loaded with fragrance and will literally blow your socks off! (that's if you are strange and wear socks in the shower!! lol!)

TOP TIP! - We have been trialling these Steamers for months now and we find placing the Steamer on the Shower Tray behind the flow of water works best. The water still reaches it but at a much slower pace so that your Steamer lasts longer!

The Ultimate Shower Steamer Collection!

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